List of Top Country Rappers and Country Rap Groups

Colt Ford

photo: Facebook Artist Page

Here is a list of the top Country Rappers, Country Rap groups and bands. . .

Check out this list of several of the Top Country Rappers, Country Rap Bands and/or Country Rap groups in alphabetical order.  Click the Country Rap artist or band name to check out a music video featuring a Country Rap song by each artist/group:

Brantley Gilbert is a Country Music artist from Jefferson, Georgia that has produced several songs and collaborations in the Country Rap genre and considers himself mostly in the Southern Country/Rock genre.

brantley gilbert

Colt Ford is one of the best known Country Rappers hailing from Athens, Georgia.

colt ford

Big Smo is a Country rapper that was born John Lee Smith and is an American country rap musician, songwriter, producer, and film director.

big smo

Boondox “the Scarecrow” is a Country Rapper from Covington, Georgia that describes his niche genre as “horrorcore”.


Bottleneck is a Southern Country Rap group from Hilliard, Florida led by Jacky “Bottleneck” Strickland


Bubba Sparxxx is a Southern Country rapper hailing from LaGrange, Georgia

bubba sparxxx

Demun Jones is a Country Rapper from Gray, Georgia.

demon jones

Haystak was born Jason Winfree and is a Country Rapper from Lebanon, Tennessee (near Nashville).


Jawga Boyz is a popular Country Rap group from Athens, Georgia comprised of lead vocalist and producer D. Thrash and helping with the LIVE shows are Cornbread, BoonDock, and guitarist Chuck “Collard Green” Lambert.

jawga boyz

Kid Rock has done a few songs that qualify for the Country Rap genre and often mixes spoken word songs with Rock.

kid rock

Knuckles derives from Steven “Knuckles” Nuckolls and was born in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and grew up in Lawton

photo: Facebook Artist Page

Lenny Cooper is an American Country Rap singer and songwriter from Columbia, South Carolina and now via Jacksonville, North Carolina.

lenny cooper

Mikel Knight is a white country rapper and singer from Nashville via San Antonio

mikel knight

Mini Thin is a Country Rapper from West Virginia

mini thin

Moccasin Creek is a Country Rap band from Nashville, Tennessee that blends Country, Southern Rock and Hip Hop together to make their sound.  Lead member of Moccasin Creek is Jeff McCool.

moccasin creek

Moonshine Bandits is a Country Rap duo composed of Tex and Bird.   The duo formed in California in 2003 and have released several Country Rap songs.

moonshine bandits

Psycho Billy Cadillac is a Country Rap group that is comprised of the following components via the description on the band’s Facebook page:

Wess Nyle: Keyboard Specialist / Guitar Rapist/ Vocal Funktifier / Angry Cracker
Kirven: Melody Extraordinaire / Chorus Titan / Visionary Addict / Stole your Sega
Cymple Man: Emcee / Lyrical Brilliance / Southern Rocker / Alcoholic Loser
DJ Sun: Turntablist / Remix Master / Crowd Controller / Cover Charge Ducker

psycho billy cadillac

The Lacs is a Country Rap group from Baxley, Georgia and includes members: Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and Brian “Rooster” King.

the lacs

Twang and Round is a Southern Country Rap band hailing from Bowling Green, Kentucky with members Kuntry Twang and Lil Round

twang and rounds

YelaWolf is a Country Rap singer from Gadsden, Alabama (original name of Michael Wayne).


[Photo Credits:  Facebook artist pages]

Hope you enjoyed this guide to several of the top Country Rap artists and groups.  Remember to “share” this with other Country Rap music fans.

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